One Family One Mission Forever

This year we are launching a newly unified vision called, “One Family One Mission Forever.” Everything coming out of WNA and WCN should be immediately recognizable as something that came from here. Everything from flyers to notices for parents falls under this.
One Family, Windward Nazarene Academy seeks to meet the educational and spiritual needs of the “Windward Ohana.” Our parents and students from Preschool 3’s to 8th grade and beyond are part of one WNA Family. Our teachers are passionate about building relationships with not just our students, but their parents and extended families through relationship-building events. Examples include Fourth grade Study Tour, Friday Night Bites, TEAM, and Trunk-or-Treat.
One Mission comes from Luke 10:27. Our mission is to Love with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
We love with all our heart – WNA seeks to show compassion to each other and the community around us.
We love with all our soul – The core of WNA is its commitment to the mission to partner with parents to nurture the whole child in a loving environment in accordance with God’s Word. Our educational platform goes beyond books and curriculum. Students are given opportunities to learn gardening, art, music, hula, and robotics to develop and pursue personal passions.
We love with all our mind – WNA is committed to a strong academic foundation. Our curriculum from Preschool to 8th grade is robust, comprehensive, and always changing and adapting to meet the needs of the next generation.
We love with all our strength – WNA is committed to the health and wellness of its students. PE and organized Physical Activity classes are part of the curriculum. Our FAB4 program is committed to educating students and families on the benefits of a holistic and healthy lifestyle.
Forever is because this is our command, a mission to lead our lives and serve in this way. To follow the example set by our Lord and Savior Jesus.

What we learned: Day One

Well, yesterday was quite eventful. The day seemed to fly by and I admittingly couldn’t always keep up. We started the day with a first day back photo booth and more traffic than I was ready for. We got backed up to the road with parents not so ready to drop off their new students to school. I saw crying, screaming, and tantrums from parents and students alike, mostly parents. When classes finally got underway, students got past the, “Hey, how was your summer?”, and syllabi full of expectations were passed out, it had to be close to lunch. The groans from middle school could be heard across campus affirmed that, or maybe it was because of that one teacher who started the year off with a quiz, claiming it was an assessment. Either way, there is no denying that we are back in school. After the dust settled, I say that loosely it still has not, we tried something new in aftercare. It was chaotic, to say the least, but that is how we learn. My favorite part of first days has to be parents coming to pick up their new students who were crying when they got dropped off, who are crying about not wanting to be picked up.

New year, New a lot of things

New school year with a lot of new things to announce. With the retirement of our beloved Pam Hasebe comes a new preschool teacher in 3a. Mrs. Donny is not new to teaching but she has been working all summer getting her new classroom ready for students. Fourth grade has also seen some change as we welcome back Mr. Nakamura to the classroom. We also welcome a new worship leader Mr. Kyle Furusho who has moved from aftercare director into that position. Ms. Jordyn Danner, who was second and third-grade assistant last year is now the K-8 physical education teacher. Ms. Betty is the new preschool assistant in Pastor Joy’s 4b class. Finally, pictured above we have Windward Nazarene’s new lead pastor Kevin McGinnis. With all the new and familiar faces, we are geared up for a great year.

Back to School…soon

Teachers and staff have head back to school to prepare for the school year to start. With just about a week left before the start of school, what is there left to do on your summer checklist? Well, it should say play, play, play. I am sure there are things to do but playtime should be a priority.  Ben Mardell a researcher for Project Zero writes,

“My take is that any activity can be play or not play. The secret sauce is playfulness.”

Playtime has benefits in intellectual development, social development, emotional development, and physical development. So let’s put playtime at the top of our checklist for this last week of summer.


Mahalo May Day

Wow, what an event! May Day this year focused on Plantation Days. There are obviously negatives that came along with the plantations, even some shady business. What we did gain however, a melting pot of cultures that form the identity of Hawaii. Our faces as people of Hawaii are diverse and unique. The event was beautiful but I think that the understanding and sense of connection the students gained to history is the biggest win of it all. Worth the stress, money, and work put into it.

He is Risen

Sunday represents the most significant act of love humans have ever known. The greatest gift from God. We celebrated that by meeting right after sunrise at Kaneohe Bay Beach Park on Easter Morning. We gathered for a beach worship service and were greeted by beautiful weather. We later headed back up to the park where we shared in fellowship and pastries before our 9:00 am worship service at the WCN Chapel. We hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Hawaiians had a deep connection to the land. They were expert farmers and did their best not to waste anything. The fourth grade class spent part of last week on Maui learning about some of Hawaii’s history but also having a bit of fun. The first stop after the airport was Nohoana farms run by Hoku‘au Pellegrino. Students got to do some weeding in the loi, play in the waikapu stream, pound some paiai, and of course eat some fresh paiai (I heard it was the best ever). They also learned about the battle for the water in that area that had previously been diverted to support the sugar industry. It is amazing to be blessed with hawaiian ways of knowing from someone who is so instrumental in reestablishing what was once a thriving way of life.

Plantation Day’z

Hawaii’s culture has been shaped so much by the culture of the plantations. That is the source of the melting pot of cultures. The preschool class got to see what some of the houses looked like in the mid late 1800’s. They also got to try some of the things the kids would have done during plantation day’s. Pictured above some of the students work on their bubble blowing with stems from the papaya plant. May Day is coming up and instead of taking on an island as the main theme this year’s theme is “Plantation Days”. Paying homage to the cultures that shaped Hawaii today.