One Family One Mission Forever

This year we are launching a newly unified vision called, “One Family One Mission Forever.” Everything coming out of WNA and WCN should be immediately recognizable as something that came from here. Everything from flyers to notices for parents falls under this.
One Family, Windward Nazarene Academy seeks to meet the educational and spiritual needs of the “Windward Ohana.” Our parents and students from Preschool 3’s to 8th grade and beyond are part of one WNA Family. Our teachers are passionate about building relationships with not just our students, but their parents and extended families through relationship-building events. Examples include Fourth grade Study Tour, Friday Night Bites, TEAM, and Trunk-or-Treat.
One Mission comes from Luke 10:27. Our mission is to Love with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.
We love with all our heart – WNA seeks to show compassion to each other and the community around us.
We love with all our soul – The core of WNA is its commitment to the mission to partner with parents to nurture the whole child in a loving environment in accordance with God’s Word. Our educational platform goes beyond books and curriculum. Students are given opportunities to learn gardening, art, music, hula, and robotics to develop and pursue personal passions.
We love with all our mind – WNA is committed to a strong academic foundation. Our curriculum from Preschool to 8th grade is robust, comprehensive, and always changing and adapting to meet the needs of the next generation.
We love with all our strength – WNA is committed to the health and wellness of its students. PE and organized Physical Activity classes are part of the curriculum. Our FAB4 program is committed to educating students and families on the benefits of a holistic and healthy lifestyle.
Forever is because this is our command, a mission to lead our lives and serve in this way. To follow the example set by our Lord and Savior Jesus.

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