WNA Garden

I often hear spiritual growth being compared to plants. In the parable of the sower, Jesus tells of planting seeds. The growth of plants depends on care, soil, and even knowledge of seasons. Luckily, in Hawaii seasons aren’t too big of a deal. The Windward Nazarene Academy garden is run by school and staff. Each class has its own garden bed and gets to choose what it wants to plant. The main garden beds are run by the Garden Club and any other volunteers. Vegetables and herbs from the garden are used in meals prepared for the students. The garden-to-table experience is enhanced through students knowing they had a hand in it. Students learn to start seedlings and transfer them to the beds. They also get to harvest, till the soil, compost, and water the gardens.

This fall,  WNA is offering a unique opportunity to add a new step to this process. During fall intersession, WNA will have a “Look I can Cook” class for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. This course is geared towards easy recipes your student can cook or prepare on their own. Some of the recipes will include vegetables and herbs from the WNA Garden. Register now at WNA Hawaii.


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